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Bully (2018)

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Drakor Indo Bully (2018) Subtitle Indonesia. kini oppadrakor.com telah menyediakan link streaming dan download film Bully (2018) yang bisa kamu akses dengan mudah.

Drakor Indo Bully (2018) Subtitle Indonesia

Tae-poong used to be the best fighter in middle school in Jeollado. He goes to a high school in Seoul and focuses on his studies. Meanwhile, gangster Sang-min takes time off school over a violent incident and returns to 12th grade. With Ik-jun, Sang-min threatens elderly men who want to have sex with teenage girls for money. When he refuses to join the gang, Tae-poong falls on the bad side of the gang. A war between the 12th grade gangsters and Tae-poong is about to start

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